ALL IN ONE :: Open air electronic music festival | 3 stages | 24 artists | 15 hours |

The legend says that all the secrets are already written in the book of stars, but if you let yourself feel in the right place, at the right time, under the starry sky … you can get ALL IN ONE.

The adventure of your life, without thinking about it, begins on Friday, July 19th, on an enviable cute location PRZAN in Ljubljana, just right from the urban center, under the stars, surrounded by a forest, a stream, with some small wild animals, in a pleasant and a fresh atmosphere where countless freedom of mind will free everyday concerns and give a dumbbell in three different matrices, three totally different stages, where one underground electronic scene will be combine, where the brain will wring all the wisdom of sound and become loyal to its identity, where each soul will find its related soul.

The adventure will last 15 crazy hours with an excellent cast of 22 selected artists from Israel, Argentina and Slovenia.

The purpose of the festival is to erase all boundaries in music, thinking, mentality, philosophy and to create unity in social relations.

Not only will this be the best party, it will be something that everyone will remember because it will be part of the creation of a certain moment, intended only for a handful of those whose minds have no limits.