ALL in ONE :: Open Air Dance Festival I 2 floors I 13 Artists I 12 Hours I

ALL IN ONE dance festival invites you to the third traditional 12 hours open air fusion in the popular forest in the middle of Ljubljana – Pržan, where they gather each year a multitude of free souls in full contact with nature and the music.

This year’s concept is set without foreign artists, because our goal is to put full attention to the Slovenian scene, to our artists, record labels and teams that most of them already for decades or more with love operate and drive the electronic music scene in our country as well as abroad. For this year’s event we have chosen all well-known but nevertheless worth mentioning: INNOCENT MUSIC, MAIN MAIN MUSIC, VEZOTONIK RECORDS, ANNUNAKI RECORDS, TECHSTURBATION RECORDS, KANJA RECORDS, ETIA CREATION, ASTEROID RECORDS and relatively young event organization DEEPGROUND MUSIC, which a series of events you may have seen in our cathedral Ambasada Gavioli.

We believe that like every year also this year our performers will show their quality and masterpieces and delight us with its excellent selection of music from their treasury.

Our motto is LESS TALK, MORE DANCE, so we are inviting you to dance, socialize, connect and enjoy in the nature under the stars, where in the morning the sun will shine in all its power just for us.