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10th Anniversary of Main Main Music and MARTELLI – Saorsa ( Full Album )

September 9, 2021

10th Anniversary of Main Main Music and MARTELLI – Saorsa ( Full Album ) Coming out on 23th of September!

With a great pleasure and pride we want to represent you the second studio album¬† with 10 originals by our label owner MARTELLI, which he has dedicated several months of creative work and the selection of tracks where the SAORSA story was created. The name itself means Freedom and this is the most important feeling that music gives him through which he freely express himself. Through creation he experience unique hard-to-describe feelings, which are definitely genuine in him and unselfishly flow through the music to music lovers. The entire album was created with a very special purpose, as part of the 10th anniversary of Main Main Music, which was first established as an organization of events, and 2 years later also as a music label. In all these wonderful years, with your help, dear audience and all participants, we managed to organize many events in different locations and invited many foreign and domestic guests. Of course, a big thank you goes to the whole team, as well to all producers for great music and to everyone who helped in any way. We definitely want to mention that in all these years of operation under the auspices of the Main Main Music brand, we have created brands like; Grajski RAJ with unforgettable events at Ljubljana Castle, which are mostly known for New Year’s parties, ALL in ONE Dance Festival ( summer open air ), Allowed Musik ( Club events ) and Splavc Kanje ( Boat parties). It was a busy and fun period worth every moment, captured with fond memories forever. Love each other and spread the LOVE. Thank you from the bottom of our heart .



Catalog Number: MMM037
Release Date: 23 | 09 | 2021

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